By increasing the amount of measuring points, the nanoGrid technology is capable of pointing out the largest consumers, so that targeted actions can be taken to reduce unnecessary energy waste.

Our nanoGrid data logger can capture an almost unlimited number of measuring points, guaranteeing a detailed overview of total consumption, in order to establish the energy profile of nanoGrid’s clients.



Before installing our technology, we gather the necessary information about the utilities on site, the location of the main electrical switch board, main gas and water counters, opening hours of the facilities, working schedules, etc.

After assessing the best location for our hardware, we confirm an installation planning. The installation of the nanoGrid hardware is easy, fast and will not hinder the normal functioning of your location.

Once our technology is installed, you will receive credentials to access our platform and you will have immediate access to the visualization of the collected data.






nanoGrid has developed a set of tailor-made and reliable solutions for different sectors, from which retail, care centers, industrial sites, hotels and leisure and government are the most important ones. If you are interested in knowing which nanoGrid solution fit best to your needs, do not hesitate to contact us and make an appointment with one of our energy experts.

Here are some of the tailor-made services provided to different industries. Contact us to find out what solution fits your industry.

Light control

HVAC control

Optimization of solar panels

Alarm monitoring

Opening hours

Degree days

# residents


Rainwater management

Stock access

Calculation of costs

Possible savings

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