A global Energy Management Platform
for multi-location companies

Climate-friendly utilities management

nanoGrid specializes in climate-friendly energy management through a global platform for detailed monitoring and optimal control, processing real-time data of all your operations and locations so that energy consumption, remote control and people’s comfort are managed securely, in line with international directives for sustainability.


nanoGrid combines different specializations in terms of energy management, including installation, monitoring, hardware and software development, engineering, as well as providing advice and reporting.

nanoGrid makes it possible to continuously optimize the energy consumption of your company and thus improve your energy profile.


To lead multi-site energy management on a global scale

With nanoGrid you will get a clearer view on where the major consumers of your company are, you will increase awareness among your employees and you will see a shift in mentality towards more attention for energy consumption.
nanoGrid helps you to become a CO2 neutral company and to comply with European directives for energy management.
nanoGrid for nature

What We Offer

Thanks to the nanoGrid technology, you are able to map the energy consumption of different locations so that energy management becomes simple.

Compare your different sites in 1 click and compare your companies to similar ones

Simple access through the internet and real-time visualization of energy consumption

Installation without power interruption of innovative hardware and software

Become nanoGrid Certified!

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