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About nanoGrid

nanoGrid® specializes in climate-friendly energy management through a global platform for detailed monitoring and optimal control, processing real-time standardized data of all your operations and locations, so that energy consumption, remote control and people’s comfort are managed securely, in line with international directives for sustainability.

Thanks to the nanoGrid technology, you are able to map the energy consumption of different locations so that energy management becomes easy. nanoGrid helps you to become a CO2 neutral company and to comply with global directives for energy management.

nanoGrid combines different specializations in terms of energy management, including installation, monitoring, hardware and software development, engineering, as well as providing advice and reporting.

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Together we can make a difference

Our goal is to lead energy management on a global scale.

nanoGrid enables continuous optimization of energy consumption in multi-site companies in order to improve their energy profile by targeting major consumers.

By using the nanoGrid technology you will promote awareness when it comes to energy waste.

nanoGrid helps you conquer climate change.

nanoGrid aims to become a global player, not only in the field of energy monitoring and control but in smart monitoring and controlling.

nanoGrid wants to expand our target group from multi-site companies to every – global – potential market and customer.

nanoGrid offers multi site companies a platform (the nanoGrid app ) and service (advice / analysis / training) that enables the customer to monitor and manage the energy consumption of the various sites in an easy and quick way.
In this way, nanoGrid facilitates the customer’s responsible use of the environment and natural resources.