Renewable energy sources

Our team of energy experts and engineers analyze the utilities installed on location to assess the optimization possibilities. The assessment is based on the potential energy savings and the energy profile of the location.

Our team can help you decide whether the best investment trajectory is a more efficient control of your solar panels, LED lights, wind power, CHP, rainwater management, new HVAC controllers, eliminating gasoil-powered utilities and implementing new sources of green energy.

HVAC Control

HVAC control

By remotely controlling the use of heating in winter and air conditioning  during the summer, our team is capable of realizing the largest energy savings.

Our algorithms are based on temperatures and comfort levels and the nanoGrid technology constantly modifies the values reacting to changes in the customer’s requests or the weather conditions.

Experts in HVAC

Experts in Energy

Experts in remote control

Experts in renewable energy resources

Sensitization campaigns

nanoGrid has developed sensitization campaigns to control water leakage. In large facilities with hundreds of toilets it is not always easy to detect running toilets or technical issues.

Simple and user-friendly instructions (in different languages, according to the targeted users) are given to the facility managers, who will follow them during a trajectory of 6 weeks. Results can be noticed from the first next invoice.

“Je suis juste très fière de vous montrer la note de crédit en eau pour la fameuse diminution de note consommation en 2018. Nous avons en moyenne  consommé 6000 litres en moins par jour et économisé 5286 euro pour l’année… Ceci peut illustrer la fameuse campagne de réglage des chasses d’eau :)”

nanoGrid has developed a system to monitor the consumption of rain water and water from the city distribution net. By optimizing the use of rain water, our clients can reduce the use of city water and lower their costs.


nanoGrid provides in-house training for facility managers, shop managers and users of our platform.

With a one-hour basic course our clients learn to navigate through the platform, change the parameters, pull out reports and use our comparison tools.

They are also taught how and where our technology is installed and basic maintenance. Working with our technology is so easy that users do not need any previous training or technical skills to get the best out of it.

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