As the Dutch saying reads “meten is weten” (measuring is knowing): the first step to become aware of the energy consumption is by measuring it and being aware of the consumption trends.

The nanoGrid technology is capable of measuring per minute the consumption of electricity, gas, water and gasoil (among other parameters) consumed by your facilities.

The data is stored in the cloud and showed in real-time by our user-friendly platform, the nanoGrid app. Our clients have 24 hours access to their data, from all devices, and the app allows them to pull reports, compare within their different locations and export different types of files.

Our intelligent alert system informs the client of unusual behavior in the consumption, allowing the customer to take measures and avoid unnecessary energy waste.


The nanoGrid app

Once the nanoGrid counter and the nanoGrid datalogger are installed, data starts flowing into the nanoGrid app, informing in real-time of the consumption per minute of electricity, gas, gasoil and water, and showing the temperature and weather conditions of every location. Other measuring points are also possible, like CO2 , relative humidity, solar panel production, cosinus φ, injection and consumption, rainwater management system… Check our Submetering Solution to find out more.

To log in to the nanoGrid app, click here.

Alert system

The nanoGrid app sends alerts to clients, facility managers or shop managers to inform in real-time of unusual consumption, raising awareness and avoiding unnecessary energy waste.

During the analyzing period, a full set of sophisticated algorithms are established by the nanoGrid team of energy experts.

These triggers allow the app to inform in real-time of abnormal consumption by the different devices connected to the nanoGrid technology. With this dynamic control system, facility managers have a direct sight on the consumption and deviations on energy usage and can react on time to avoid unnecessary energy waste.

Alerts can be configured according to the needs of the system and the requests of the clients. The possibilities are endless, here are some examples.

Schedules for sanitary water cycles

Inexplicable consumption during closing hours

Irregular power supply

Inconsistent quiet time consumption

Kitchen profile compared to benchmarks

Unusual kWh spikes

Cosinus φ outside the norm

Solar energy waste

Peaks during quiet time

Unbalance between current phases

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