Remote Control

nanoGrid has distinct solutions for different industries to remotely control the devices on site. Our programmers and engineers work closely to translate the needs on each location into algorithms that trigger actions from our platform.

The firmware that runs all our hardware is also designed in-house by our programmers, in cooperation with our energy experts, that is why nanoGrid is capable of adapting its technology to the specific request of our clients, for every individual need.

Example retail

For the retail industry, the nanoGrid solution is capable of reducing the use of electricity and gas to a minimum.

The overall remote control schedules are agreed with the client, and can be modified according to the client’s needs.

Shop window lights are controlled by opening hours and sun radiation.

When the shop assistant arrives at the shop and deactivates the alarm, working lights will turn on. Full lights will be turned on automatically e.g. 15 minutes before opening. Following the corporate instructions for marketing, shop lights can be turned off at the requested time.

The heating will be switched on according to outside temperatures and comfort needs. Several temperature sensors are placed in the shop to make sure the shop temperature is maintained at comfortable levels. The HVAC is switched off when the shop assistant activates the alarm and goes home.

Our alert system will immediately inform the shop manager when an unusual high amount of water is used. The cause of such unusual behavior is mostly a running toilet or a leak. Thanks to our minute-based monitoring the shop owners can avoid that the leak is only noticed by chance or by receiving a peppery bill at the end of the year.


The nanoGrid platform provides standard reporting tools allowing exports in any formats. The system also allows customization if required.

For the stock market-listed clients nanoGrid can provide data for the sustainability reporting in line with the CSR ambitions of the client. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want more information regarding our extensive reporting possibilities.

Some of our reporting tools include:

Monthly consumption and year-to-date

Detailed consumption per measuring point

Consumption in relation to m²

Consumption taking degree days into account

Consumption per FTE or resident

Comparison with energy supplier data

Temperatures and humidity

Heatmap and correlations


Deviation from projected budgets

Yes, we can control it for you!

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